How many teeth do adults have?


When was the last time you thought about how many teeth adults have? Chances are, not recently, but now that you’re wondering how many teeth adults have, you’re in the right place for answers.

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A pretty smile is considered to be one of the most beautiful features of a person & indicative of good oral health. Yet, most of us, however appreciative we may be of a smiling face, are careless when it comes to lớn our teeth.

How many teeth vị you have?

You could have 32 teeth!

There are a total of 32 teeth in an adult set, including wisdom teeth. Of them, 16 teeth are in the upper jawbone (maxillary arch) and 16 are in the lower jawbone (mandibular arch). Unlike baby teeth, these teeth are divided into four different classes based on their shape and function:

8 incisors4 canines8 premolars12 molars Incisor teeth

An adult has eight incisor teeth similar to baby teeth. There are two central & two lateral incisors in both upper & lower jaws. These incisors are used to cut or tear into food.

Canine teeth

You have four canine teeth in your permanent, or adult, set. These can be found on the right và left sides of the lateral incisors in both the upper & lower jaw. The sharp surfaces of the canines help in the shredding of food.

Premolar Teeth

Premolars are the teeth that differentiate the adult set from the baby mix of teeth. There are a total of eight premolars that are located between the permanent canines và the permanent molars.

On either side of your mouth, you will find two premolars sitting beside the canines in both the upper and lower jawbones. They occupy the position that has been vacated by the 1st & 2nd molars in your baby set of teeth.

Molar teeth

There are a total of 12 molars in an adult set of teeth, six of which are situated on top and six in the bottom on both upper and lower jaws. These teeth are used for grinding & chewing food khổng lồ make it easier lớn swallow and digest.

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Molars have a broad chewing surface which makes it easier to perform their function. The third mix of these molars, comprising the last teeth in the back of the mouth, are the wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth lớn erupt and are often removed due to pain occurring during their eruption.

Dentists have a way of numbering these teeth to lớn keep track of them. If you want lớn see how dentists vì chưng this, watch Dr. Tamisha Denis discuss it below:

When vì chưng permanent teeth come in?

In normal circumstances, baby teeth start to fall out around age five or six and are gradually replaced by permanent teeth. All permanent teeth, except wisdom teeth, should erupt by the age of 12 or 13.

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Permanent teeth usually appear in a particular pattern. This pattern has been summarized in the table below as per the guidelines of the American Dental Association. Not everyone’s teeth will follow this pattern exactly, so bởi not worry if you or your child’s teeth come through at slightly different times.